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Akela's calling has always been education. With over 13 years of experience working with diverse clients, she effortlessly breaks down even the most challenging concepts for all kinds of audiences.


Her philosophy revolves around the basics. Whether you're a seasoned stylist of 30 years or just starting out with 3 days under your belt, Akela believes in revisiting the foundational elements of hair care. These basics serve as the groundwork for exploring your creativity and honing your artistic flair.


For the past 8 years, Akela has been traveling the world as a top educator for a major brand, even helping to create their curriculum for curly and coily hair.


Now, she's excited to share her extensive knowledge on cuts, colors, and hair care for every hair type with those eager to learn.

Akela Douglass

Education designed for your specific needs

  • Curly/Coily Education

  • Fundamentals of Color Theory

  • Fundamentals of Cutting Theory

  • Extensions

  • Career Planning

  • Competition Coaching

$300 per 2 hour Session

*includes free consultation

Empower your team to embrace all hair patterns and create a welcoming space for all guest.


We'll custom design a program tailored to your salon's needs.  


Book your free consultation now!

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Visit beautiful Sacramento, CA while diving deeper into knowledge on curls, coils, color theory, haircutting, styling and more!

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